It’s mid-afternoon. You’ve hit a wall. Motivation is non-existent. All you can think of is a nap. You can barely keep your eyes open. Let alone concentrate on your intense telephone conference call. But there’s still a few more hours of the working day left…


Whether you feel it coming or it hits you out of nowhere, the dreaded afternoon crash happens to the best of us. Research shows that it’s a real biological phenomenon to do with our circadian rhythm. 


So how can you combat that afternoon slump?


Good job we’ve listed strategies to help you to power through and stay energised throughout the day. Hello, super-productive afternoons!


Eat to fuel your day


Did you know our brains burn about 20% of the body’s energy?


Even sat at a desk all day, you are still burning LOTS of calories and need to fuel your mind and body properly. Incorporate a mix of high protein foods, carbohydrates and healthy fats into your breakfast and lunch. These foods will give you a sustained release of energy and keep you feeling fuller for longer. 


Breakfast inspiration: avocado on wholemeal toast or porridge oats and berries.

Lunch inspiration: tuna salad or a falafel and houmous wrap.


Also, keep some tasty and nutritious snacks in your desk drawer for a little afternoon pick-me-up (advice we can 100% get on board with). Perhaps some nuts or an energy bar. Yum. 


Avoid refined carbs and high sugar treats as these will spike your blood sugar then cause it to crash, making you feel worse in the long-run. Snack smart and feel yourself bounce back in the afternoon, ready for whatever work throws your way.


Stay hydrated 


It can be all too easy to forget to keep your fluids up whilst you’re sat at your desk at work. However, it’s important to drink little and often as dehydration can cause fatigue, lethargy and a lack of focus. The human body is 60% water, after all.


Stay hydrated by aiming for approximately 8 glasses of water a day. If you want something a little tastier, try adding fresh berries, lemon, lime or low-sugar cordial for a burst of flavour.


Try sticking to just a couple of caffeinated drinks a day and if possible have them in the morning and give sugary energy drinks a miss too. Both wreck havoc with our blood sugar and will only make that afternoon crash worse.


Get your body moving


Do. Something. Active. Literally anything! 


If you can, head outside for a brisk walk, breath in the fresh air and feel instantly revitalised. If you can’t leave the office, even doing some stretches at your desk or getting up to make your colleagues an afternoon brew will do the trick. 


Moving your body is a great way to get your blood pumping and revive flagging energy levels. You’ll return to your desk a different person.


If you want to learn more super simple healthy habits for you to be kind to your body, mind and soul, read our blog here.


Listen to music


Grab your headphones, plug in and get in the zone. Studies show that listening to music can help concentration, increase creativity and efficiency and completely change your mood. Feeling demotivated? A quick listen to some of your favourite tunes could be all you need to get your head back in the game.


Here, Spotify playlists are your friend. Opt for Mellow Monday vibes, some old school throwbacks or pumping party hits, it’s your choice.


We hope these strategies will help you to power up and beat the dreaded afternoon slump once and for all.


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