Most of us know that sleep is important. In fact, scientists say that adults need between 7-9hrs of sleep a night.


Sleep is vital for our physical and mental wellbeing. It boosts the immune system, reduces stress, elevates mood, improves memory and regulates energy levels – to name just a few benefits.


But, many of us are sleeping less than ever. Western culture is reducing both the duration and quality of our sleep.


If you’re struggling to get in those precious ‘z’s, a bedtime routine could be the answer to a blissful night’s sleep – and we’re showing you how it’s done. Take note.


Stick to a schedule


As humans we love routine. And it’s no different for sleep. If you go to bed and wake up at a similar time every day your body will quickly settle into a routine.


When you sleep really does matter. The 90minute sleep cycle before midnight is widely regarded as the most valuable and rejuvenating sleep phase – so capitalise on this and head to bed well before 12pm. Also, remember it takes anywhere from 30minutes to an hour to fall asleep.


Establishing a sleep pattern will help your body to get into a rhythm, making dozing off each night and waking up each day feel like a dream. Goodbye, groggy mornings.


Get the temperature right


To fall asleep, our body’s temperature has to be just right. Research shows that when our physical temperature dips in line with our circadian rhythm it induces sleep.


That’s why you toss and turn for hours on end during humid summer nights. And why you can’t stop shivering when your room feels colder than the Arctic.


Accelerate sleep by keeping your room cool, between approximately 16-19 degrees Celsius. Get it right and you’ll be nodding off befor…


Keep it dark


It seems obvious, but sleeping in a dark room will help you to drop off faster. This goes back to when we were cavemen. Our body clocks are synced to nature, so when it goes dark outside they automatically start preparing for sleep – winding down, lowering heart rate and producing melatonin (the sleep hormone).


Invest in a blackout blind to create a dark sanctuary and you’ll be amazed how much easier it is for you to drift off into a dreamy state of slumber.


Limit technology time


Did you know that the blue light on TV and phone screens delays the production of melatonin? Not only can it disrupt your sleeping pattern, but it can also make you feel groggier in the morning.


We know it’s tough, but try to resist using technology 30minutes before bed to help you fall asleep faster. Put your phone in a different room if you can, or put it on the other side of the room to avoid temptation.


Getting a good night’s sleep isn’t rocket science – more like a bit of sleep science, paired with a solid bedtime routine.


Why not try our tips and see how you get on? We’re feeling pretty tired ourselves now… *yawns*


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