Renting is great for many reasons. It’s cheaper, more flexible, accessible – the list goes on. And it’s becoming increasingly common for young people and individuals wanting to live in urban centres.


But many renters face a dilemma. How do you make the space you rent feel like your own?


Well, here are some simple yet effective interior design tips and tricks to help you do just that without breaking the bank or annoying your landlord. It’s a win-win. Take note!


Add a rug


“What’s an easy way to hide dull carpets or cheap vinyl flooring?” You ask. Buy a rug, stick it on the floor and be amazed at how it completely transforms a room. 


Rugs are an easy – and most importantly – a cheap way to add colour and vibrancy to your interior design. They are ideal for when a space lacks personality, if you want to make it feel cosier or wish to hide some undesirable flooring…


We recommend choosing a printed rug; geometric patterns are bang on trend and will add a bit of depth and texture to your space. 


TOP TIP: have got a great selection of cool geometric-style rugs at affordable prices, take a look here. We especially love this lattice geometric rug which comes in three dreamy shades – grey, yellow and turquoise.


Plant power


Plants have become a popular home accessory and for good reason. They make spaces look more appealing by adding a burst of colour, they purify the air and have a whole host of other health benefits. So our next tip is to make your house or apartment into a natural sanctuary with a selection of potted and hanging plants and flowers. 


If you’re a plant pro, why not try growing some herbs in your kitchen or on your balcony? Or make your own hanging terrarium? Alternatively, if you’re not blessed with green fingers, start off small with some potted succulents or cacti – they’re easy to care for but give the same luscious look. 


Bring some life into your space and create a little natural oasis wherever you are in the world.


Get arty


It seems obvious, but to make somewhere feel like your own, you’ve got to decorate it with things that are personal to you. 


Express your style through artwork, frame your favourite prints or get some photographs blown up – all can help to inject a bit of your personality into the space.


Create a Pinterest-worthy feature wall by hanging up a selection of framed prints, artwork and photos up with removable pads. Or if you’re worried about leaving marks, just lean them against your wall – it’s less invasive and still looks great. 


TOP TIP: Have a scroll through Etsy and and find some that you love. Or, if you have a creative streak, visit Pinterest and find some great DIY projects to make sure your personality is reflected in your home!


Accessorise to the max


Again, this tip is about filling your space with personal items that hold special value and bring you joy. This can be anything from glass vases to picture frames, candles and cushions. Just be careful not to create clutter. Stick to a defined colour palette and ensure that each accessory has its own space. This way, you can create interiors that reflect your personality and tell a story. 


GET INSPIRED: If you’re in need of some nice new accessories have a look in Oklahoma in the Northern Quarter or BayTree Interiors in the Arndale Centre. They have everything from themed kitchenware to quirky cushions and fairy lights.


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